Thursday, 13 June 2013

Barrels and Rain

Every serious organic gardener who is environmentally friendly should collect the rain water. I had a few 'excuses' to delay this action: couldn't find the barrel, didn't have the opening on the gutter...
And, all of the sudden everything solved. A friend of mine got me a barrel and it fits perfectly under the spout. How so? On the other side of the house the rain gutter is already made shorter in order to put the barrel underneath! Am I being silly all these years? I realized that only yesterday when I got the barrel!
No need to tell you that the barrel is full considering all this rain lately.

The other barrel I got is much bigger and I put it into vegetable garden. The old one was all rusty and leaky. The man who brought it painted it blue and it looks nice as a garden detail. I need to fill it in from water supply but having water so close to the vegetable garden is very useful during the dry periods in summer. No need to spread 30 meter of garden hose...

Now I need to make some planting scheme around the gutter and a barrel on the other side of the house. I think I will make an old brick paving around it to have an easy access and plant, of course, moisture loving plants. Good! Now I have something to think about and create a new piece of my garden...

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