Saturday, 1 June 2013

Clary Sage

If you check the weather widget on the left side bar of my blog, you'
ll see that is has been raining for days. The air temperature is also pretty low for this period of year. It is amazing how it effects the growth of the plants, especially the vegetables. My broad bean seems to do nothing. It has only a few flowers and it is supposed to have the first pods by now. Cobaea, Cup and saucers, is as small as it was two weeks ago when I planted the seedling along the garden fence. Obviously, plants lack sunshine and warmth. I only fear they would wilt if the weather doesn't improve.

Luckily, this bold, attractive plant reached the full size before this odd weather started, and flowers in the front of my house. It is Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica, the clary sage. Being a good self seeding plant, by Autumn it will produce a lot of seedlings. I never have to worry about loosing it. There is always enough new plants to thin, replant and even give away. As a biennial, it flowers the next season.

The flowers are tiny but the bracts are very beautiful and attractive to bees and also to people! They catch every passenger's eye and I always have many requests for seed or seedlings. The plant is, as all sages, aromatic and contains the essential oil. 
The genus Salvia in Croatian flora is represented by 15 species, clary sage being one of them. 


  1. The clary is a pretty colour

  2. Vesna, I will be experiencing some of "your" weather very soon: we are going on a cruise down the Danube, starting near Linz in Austria and ending up at the Black Sea.

    1. Have a nice trip... but what about foods in Germany and Austria?

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