Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Here Comes the Sun

The weather is still very changeable with lots of rain but it helps growth of the plants and the garden looks really lovely. Finally, the sun came out of the clouds today and everything looks better. Today should be the last rainy day here. The rose 'Felicite Perpetue' look great this year. It conquered the fence and the rose arch in a lenght of 2.5 meters!

The other rose, vigorous rambler 'Bobby James' is also in full bloom making the green roof over the terrace. It has nice smell of fruit and attracts lots of bees.

The Red hot poker and Macleaya are the most prominent plants in this border. Both of them are bold plants that require a lot of space.

The same can be said for the Hosta 'Sum an Substance' and Polygonum behind it. The leaves of this Hosta are really large.

Phyladelphus brightens up a hedge in on a shady side of the garden.

Finally, the Chinese peony opened its buds. Hopefully, these flowers won't be ruined by rain.


  1. Hi Vesna; We start our trip down the Danube tomorrow, so I hope the weather improves!

  2. Croatia is expecting this large Danube water wave any day now... Good luck you brave people and, bon voyage!

  3. Vesna čarobno ti je u vrtu,ruže su ti posebna priča,stvarno pravo uživanje,vjerujem da imaš puno posla,ali i da stigneš uživati u svemu ovome.


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