Monday, 17 June 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

After the long period of rainy weather, the sun shines, and how it shines! It seems to me that we will never be content with the weather. Now it is very warm, and tends to be hot in the next few days. Certainly, it is not so easy to endure all these changes. It is hard for us and the plants as well. Some water loving plants like Hydrangeas, drop their leaves in the hottest period of the day. 

On the other hand, herbs like sage love sun and tolerate the drought. Just take a look at the photo above! My Salvia officinalis occupied good two square meters of the flower bed and  produced the flowers. As you can see, warmer weather does good to lemon balm and mint as well. Lemon balm is not yet flowering and now is the time cut it off and hang on some airy place to dry. My favorite summer drink is lemon balm and mint tea mixed with elder syrup I made a few weeks ago. I just pick up some fresh herb leaves, make a tea and then add the syrup, water and plenty of ice. Very refreshing.

These strange looking tree is the Japanese Persimon I have planted some time in Spring this year. I have already thought it died but with the sun, this 'sleeping beauty' woke up. Well, at present it looks more like an ugly duckling, but you know the story... Japanese Persimon or, as we call it kaki,  is a very pretty small tree. And, I just cannot have enough of it's fruits. I am curious when I will pick up the first one from this tree.

This cone like planter with iron tripod is really a vintage piece. It is certainly more than forty years old! It is a gift from my mother's friend who moved into a flat. I planted it with Plectranthus (variegated leaves), Ipomena (green foliage) and Gaura in the middle. The plants still need to grow to fill the planter but even now, it does'n look so bad, does it?


  1. Hi there,

    I love the planter, I am actually looking for something similar to place in my garden. I was thinking of making a succulent/cactus container but yours looks more lush :) Great idea.

    1. Thanks. The planter is pretty big and I expect plants to spread.

  2. What conditions and temperatures do persimmons need?

    1. It prefers loamy soil, pH 6.0. to 6.5; regular watering, tolerate lower temperatures but, it depends on cultivar.


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