Saturday, 29 June 2013

It is Time for Day Lilies

My day lilies are finally flowering. They are late this year because of rainy and rather cold weather in May. I have about thirty cultivars which doesn't flower all at once. This way the flowering season prolongs over a month.

In this rotunda bed they are accompanied with Hostas and Hoytunia and a bird bath in the middle.

The beautiful 'Ed Murray'

The clumps are every year bigger and need to be divided when there is no more place for them. Dividing plants is also a good way to rejuvenate them.

The common H. fulva in a over a meter long clump.

'Olive Baily Langdon'

'Elegant Candy'

'Minstrel Boy'

And, that is enough of them for today!


  1. That dark purple is a stunner.

  2. Vesna, have you ever published any "wide-angle" views of your garden? In your first photo today it looks huge! You seem to have many cultivars of lots of different plants. At this time of year your garden must look very beautiful indeed.


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