Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Japanese Persimmon

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In my previous post I mentioned the Japanese Persimmon. I have always wanted to have this tree in my garden because I love to eat its fruit. I was worried about how it would survive the growing conditions in the climate I live which is true continental one, with hot summers and cold winters. But, after having seen the beautiful Japanese Persimmon in one garden in the neighboring town, I decided to buy it.
As I keep my gardening diary for years, I find out the exact date when I planted my tree. It was on 28th March. For two months I sow no change in growth whatsoever. I have already thought it died, but on June 10th I have noticed the first green leaf buds. I was relieved!

I was wondering why it took it so long to show up some life and have come to the following conclusion. The reason why were probably the unfavorable weather conditions during April and May. It was unusually cold and rainy, very little sun and thus no warmth that this tree needs. As soon as the weather improved, the tree awoke! I cannot tell you how happy I am. The one I have planted in 2011 has died. Hopefully, this one will survive.

What I already know about cultivating this tree is the following:
1. It prefers loamy, well drained soil;
2. After planting, continuous watering is necessary to keep the soil moist. Needs watering when there is a long period without rain.
3. It is good to mulch the ground around the tree to keep the soil moist.
4. Naturally, a handful of organic fertilizer added around the trunk helps growth.
5. Pruning is needed to form an open shaped crown in the first years of growth.

Now the foliage grows rapidly. The first photo is taken on June 13th, and the second one only six days later, that is today!


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