Tuesday, 25 June 2013


I simply adore lavender. I love its silver foliage, beautiful purple spikes of flowers and the fragrance of essential oil that fulfills the air whenever you touch the plant. I have just picked up all the flower spikes, made the bunches and hanged them on all around my house to dry. I should have done it earlier when the flowers were still buds but I love to see lavender flowering in the garden and I left it flower for awhile.

It attracts lots of bees and butterflies and the neighbor's cat love to make itself comfortable right in the middle of the bush! No need to tell you how disapproving it is because it ruins its shape. But, what can I do?

Lavender has so many uses. It is a well known moth repellent so, I put some lavender sachets in my wardrobe. I always make a small jar of lavender sugar - just fill the jar alternating sugar and lavender flowers and seal it. I use it to make sweets and cakes.
I enjoy lavender in bath, soaps and shampoos, and in winter, I use to put a few drops of lavender oil on the radiator to fill the room with this beautiful fragrance.


  1. Ours is in bud at the moment - the bees can't wait!

  2. Have you tried cooking with it? Allegedly it can be used as a sweet herb e.g. in biscuits - though I don't fancy it myself.

    1. I don't like it too. In Poland, there is a salad seasoning mix on the market (Kamis, Kolorowe zioła do sałatek)- it has lavender flowers. I must say, that I spent an hour or so to get rid of these flowers from the seasoning, because it was the only ingredient of the mix I couldn't stand in a salad.

  3. You can make so many things with lavender! It's a great idea to have a clump in your garden, you can either use it somewhere or leave it flowering :)

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