Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lime Tree

I live in a small town called Lipik, which actually means 'lime grow'. Almost every street was actually a lime alley. Many trees are gone but still lots of them remained and the whole street smells of lime tree flowers. Namely, June is the month when lime flowers. In Croatian, lime is called 'lipa', hence the name of the town - Lipik, and also the name for the month of June - 'lipanj'.

There is a buzzing sound all around because lime attracts lots of bees. The lime honey is always in demand for its quality. I picked up some flowers and put it on the table to dry. This amount is usually enough to make the tee throughout the winter.

The tee has a mild taste and in herbal medicine is used to treat cold, fever, caught, infections and headache. It is also used as a diuretic and sedative. So, drink a cup of lime flowers tee in the evening, before you go to sleep.
Lime is a beautiful tall tree. It grows very slow and lives very long. The oldest lime tree in Croatia dates as back as to 1573.  Today, it is a protected as a specimen. In 2007, about fifty cuttings was taken to produce new trees and save the gene base of this particular tree. 

image credit: Matija


  1. On our recent visit to Hungary, we saw lots of people collecting Lime leaves for making "tea" or tisane. Local people explained to us that there are two main types of Lime / Linden tree, one of which is good for making drinks, and one which isn't. I had previously thought they were all the same.

  2. I collect flowers, not leaves. The cluster of flowers has a pale green bracts. There are several species of Linden in Croatia and I pick up flowers of either of them.


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