Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Aronia, Part Two

As I have already told you, I got small Aronia bush this Spring and planted it into a pot. I am still thinking where in the garden will I put it. But that was not the only reason I put it into a pot. The bush had very poorly developed root system so I thought it would do better in a smaller place. Surprisingly, the bush is doing very well in that pot. I added some peat moss to make the soil acid as the plant likes. It even had three clusters of small flowers and produced the first berries.

And yesterday, curious what they taste like, I decided to try some. To my great surprise, I found none of them! Seems like the birds were quicker that me and ate all of them. Well, what shall I do if it would happen every year?

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  1. So another consideration is where can it go where you will be able to net it!


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