Thursday, 4 July 2013


A few years ago I have brought three seedlings of Foxglove from the coastal town called Vrsar, Istrian peninsula. I was wondering if they could survive the continental winter. Happy to say, they love it to be in my garden. 

I planted them in the dry semi-shade and so far they are doing well. I am not sure which species it might be, maybe Digitalis lutea. They seed themselves very well too. Foxglove is a biennial, producing the young plant in the first season and flowering the next year.

As an ornamental plant, it looks good in a group or single among the other plants filling the gaps. 
 It also adds height into the borders. Cultivated foxgloves have bigger flowers, but I love my wild one very much.
Digitalis is a well known medicinal plant, used to treat cardiac diseases. The entire plant is actually toxic so, it is a small difference between the poison and a curing dose of the chemicals it contains.


  1. I love foxgloves too as do the bees.

  2. That's a beautiful foxglove - I've never seen one quite like it before. What beautiful coloration! I especially love wild foxgloves like that, so unusual.


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