Friday, 19 July 2013

French Beans

This year I tried some new varieties of French beans. 
The first one is called 'Amethyst', clearly because of this beautiful purple color. I must say, it is a real surprise to me. The crop in this, as I call it first wave, was excellent! There is still lots of flowers on the plants and I think it will be a long picking season for this variety. The pods loose the color by cooking but the taste is really good. And, no threads!
The green pods belong to the 'Boston' variety. It only started to crop but like the first one, it produces lots of flowers. I like both of them 'Amethyst' and 'Boston' being sturdy and upright plants. 'Boston' too tastes excellent.

The third one is called 'Bergold'. This dwarf  French bean has bright yellow pods. The taste is very good. I highly recommend all of these. I will certainly sow 'Amethyst' the next year as well.


  1. I have grown "Amethyst" a couple of times too. Nice beans - and very pretty flowers. Isn't it a shame that they lose their colour when cooked? If they stayed purple they would make a very interesting salad ingredient!

    1. Yes, it is a shame they loose their color when cooked. But that's the case with many colored vegetables.

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