Friday, 26 July 2013

Hypertufa Cross

My hypertufa planters seem to be very popular and now and then I have an order to make one. So it was with this cross shaped planter. I have just planted it with various Sedums and Sempervivums. There is also a small fern in one corner, Asplenium trichomanes which in nature grows on dry stone walls and rockeries.

The planter is about 50 cm long so, I needed lots of planting material. It is meant to decorate a grave.

I use to integrate lime stones when building the planters so they look even more natural. My friend has brought me a bucket full of stones on her way back home from the sea side. It is lime stone with holes made by date mussels and water. I tried to integrate some of the local stones but it doesn't look so good.

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  1. Good to see some hypertufa. You tempt me to having a go making some.
    I love sempervivums and also it's common name 'live for ever'


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