Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Riot of Hot Colors

Presently, in my ornamental garden, there is a real riot of colors! And they are almost all hot, all shades of orange, red and yellow. The best performers now are Day Lilies, Macleaya and Red Hot Poker.

The bold Macleaya is 2.5 meters high this year. It must have been the favorable weather conditions this season that caused this immense growth.
Every day some new variety of Day Liliy opens its flowers.

'Bitsy', the yellow one and unknown  red one.

'Bonanza', the yellow one...

'Olive Baily Lngdon and 'Shola' are now in full bloom.

'Elegant Candy'

'Olive baily Langdon' again... very pretty large flowers!

'Kwanzo' and 'Gentle Sheppard'

There is more but, that's quite enough for today!


  1. What a fabulous display! I'm just thinking about how one of those 2.5metre Macleaya things would look in my little garden...

    1. Thank you, Mark. Maybe it wouldn't be so tall, but this plant needs lots of space because it spreads by roots very well.

  2. It is interesting how the year seems to start with the cool pink and blue but, as summer progress, they are in large part replaced by hot colors yellow and orange.
    Your garden looks beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Alan. This summer is finally such as it is supposed to be, not so hot and with a regular periods of rain. That's why everything look so abundant.

  3. What a happy parade of color. So bright and cheery! I love that Olive Bailey Langdon daylily.

    1. I am simply in love with Day Lilies...


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