Sunday, 14 July 2013

Vegetable garden

I picked up all the broad beans yesterday. The variety is called 'Aquadulce'. I am quite content with the crop . I cooked it today and served with some garlic and olive oil. Talking about the garlic, I picked it up too some week ago. This is an old variety with an excellent taste. I twisted the stems as my grandmother used to do and left it to dry in the warm air.

It is really sad what kind of garlic we have on the market. It is imported from China and has quite a different taste. Added in salads and sprinkled with the vinegar it turns green!? Therefore, I left a few stems of garlic to flowers and produce small bulbs - I will plant them late in Autumn. The flowers are lovely, like in any ornamental onion.

I have the first shiny black hot peppers...

... and this lettuce.

This popular lettuce variety 'Lollo Rossa' has frilled leaves and a beautiful crimson color. The heads are loose and have no heart.

Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights' is still young. Cannot wait to see them fully grown up. The colors of the stems, bright yellow and red, should be more intense than they are now. 

Kohlrabi look good, soon ready to be picked up.

These are the two kinds of parsley, and a dill. On the left side is parsley 'Lisette' with curly leaves.


  1. Those black peppers look nice! None of my chillis have shown any colour yet. Most of their fruits are still small and green.


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