Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What a Rain!

For the two days in a row we were struck by the heavy rain showers. I don't remember when I last have seen such a rain. On Monday,  it was raining with the same intensity for two hours and yesterday, it was raining for 45 minutes and the wind was also very strong. On Monday, we measured 71 l per square meter of rain, and yesterday 50 in only 45 minutes! Of course, no sewage can drain such an amount of water in such a short period of time. Many streets and yards were flooded. My house is on a higher ground and I had no problems with flood but I have damage in my garden.

The old plum tree that grows behind he garden fence on the community ground I use as composting place, fell over my garden shed! Luckily, there is two meter high iron fence between my garden and this community ground and it prevent the tree to shatter my garden shed.

Actually, the man with the chain saw is yet to come and I don't know if there is any damage under the fallen tree. I cannot see anything. I hope all's well. 
And this is what it looked liked yesterday in town and some yards...
(All the photos are taken by our local newsman Mario Barac)

The worse were in the villages where water also came running down the hills.


  1. Flooding is awful isn't it? I can't imagine water like that in my house and sympathise with anyone affected.

  2. Oh dear, Vesna. I was just complaining about the rain here, but no flooding in our neighborhood. I'm glad your shed was saved. P. x

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