Thursday, 29 August 2013

Kale and co.

During the working week, there is not much time left for working in the garden. I have only a few hours left before dark and it is already dark at eight o'clock. To be honest, I am not in a mood to work in the garden every day.  Like today, I am a bit tired. So, I just took a walk into the garden to check it out. There's lots of weeds to pull out, lawn to mow... 
My kales waked up after the spells of rain.  It is really amazing how little it takes for plants to recover.

I did watering the garden during the dry spells but nothing can replace a good rain shower. Like the last year, I planted three varieties of kale. This vegetable has many good features. It comes late in a season when there nothing's really left in the garden. It is very good for our health. And, it is also very decorative. I love this dark variety called 'Black Tuscany'.

This ruffled leaves with beautiful purple veins belong to the 'Scarlet' variety. It shows more color as the cold days approach and it is supposed to be really all scarlet red.

Don't you love the color of these chilli peppers? I put some in my dish yesterday, they are really hot! 

This cute potato sends you love as I do!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Gourd Collection

I have just picked up some of my gourds. I was not really aware how big they already are and ready to harvest. My favourite this year is the white one with wings.

There is really lots of varieties in this seed collection I bought this year. 

These have almost black bottom and bright yellow top with wings.

They all came up from one seed collection from T&M called 'Autumn Glory'. I am delighted!

Click HERE to view the offer.
And, to end up this post, just check it out these siamese twins!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Late Summer Crop

Doesn't this photo say Autumn is knocking on the doors? I took it some days ago while walking the outskirt streets of my town. It is time when we pick up plenty of the fruits in the orchards and vegetable gardens. I saw many plum trees with broken branches. The plums are so plenty and the branches broke under the weight of them.

I have plenty of tomatoes. There are all kinds of fruits: big, medium, small, round, oval and egg like too. I haven't made any ketchup or juice, I love to eat them fresh in the season.

I enjoy lower temperatures and the rain that started to fall yesterday. Thanks God! Many people love Summer but I am looking forward to the Autumn days. I got a basket full of apples from my neighbour. They are to be eaten right away so I made an 'apfelstrudel'.

The whole garden came alive after the rain. I see, there is lots of work to do before Winter but, what a difference working in this cooler weather!
I guess, my first job will be cutting down some shrubs, especially Cornus. They became monsters!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Cumquat and Agapanthus

I am ashamed to admit I have completely forgotten all about my Cumquat tree. I have purchased it this Spring along the Japanese persimmon and planted it in a pot. As you can see, the foliage is not in a perfect healthy condition. This yellow patches are a classical sign of lack of the nutrient. I plan to repot it in Autumn before I get it inside to overwinter.
To my great surprise, the small tree is full of flowers and I am looking forward on seeing the first fruits. Obviously, the high temperatures does not do it any harm.

Another surprise in my garden comes again from a pot plant - Agapanthus. After two non-flowering years, this summer it produced four flower stems.

There is now a really big crowd in the pot and I think I will divide it in Autumn. The division is necessary every three or four years to keep the plant vigorous. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer Goes On

I wonder who made it?

Five o'clock in the morning. Pitch dark outside. Not so long ago I used to get up so early and work in the garden before it gets too hot. The temperatures are lower up to 10 degrees thanks to the weather change from the north but, again, not a drop of rain fell down. It seems this doesn't bother my tomatoes. I pick up plenty of them every day.

Some roses varieties are also continuously blooming like 'Polka' above. It is a bushy rose that might be trained as a climber. It has lovely, fragrant peach colored flowers with many petals.

This Clematis was in full bloom about month ago. I don't know really why the flowers were smaller than they used to be. It produced masses of them though, and looked beautiful.

Nothing can be done in the garden before the rain falls. Digging would only ruin the soil and I could not remove the weeds completely. 
There is no rain on the horizon for another week... terrible. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

August 12th

Sretan rođendan, Vesna!

Well, I was very much surprised when I opened my Chrome browser start page today and saw this picture saying 'Happy birthday, Vesna!'
Even though I know that many people got this as well  is kinda cute from Google team to have such a feature for Chrome/Google users. Don't you think so?
I am off now, I am making a dinner party!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Herb Basil

It is one of my favourite herb. This year I bought the young plant with firm, somewhat woody stems and dark green foliage. The veins have a nice violet hue. I really don't know what species it is. It might be the one of the Asian kind.

As it grows, it forms a nice small shrub. The fragrance is pretty much the same as in other basils. Google search says it could be so calle Thai basil, but I am not quite sure. Anyway, it is really lovely addition to my herb garden. 

I grew basil from seed as well. These are the seedling of sweet basil, both green and purple. I mostly use it fresh in various dishes.

PS. The heat persists. Sunday should bring us some rain and much lower temperatures. Who can wait for so long?

Friday, 2 August 2013


I am not doing much in my garden. It is hot during the day and I am not really in the mood to go out and work in this heat. Actually, all I have to do at the moment is watering and mowing the lawn. The beds are still looking good. The dense planting suppresses the weeds so, there is not much weeding to be done. I only tidied up the brick bordering all around the beds.

The daylilies are fading away. They were really beautiful this year because the Spring was rainy. Actually, this moist weather helped all the plants to develop well and form the flowers. Last year was dry and I only prayed for the garden to survive.

The Summer goes on. The temperatures still rise up to 37 - 38°C. This kind of weather should last until mid-August. It is usually the time when the summer heat sizes and the days became cooler. For years back we have long and warm Autumns, almost ideal time to be outdoors.

Well, I think I will wait for week or two before I start tidying up the flower beds. It is better to leave the beds it as they are then cut all off and expose the ground to the sun and heat.

PS. For some time I am not able to leave the comment on the blogs I read. I wonder if you have the same problem?