Sunday, 18 August 2013

Cumquat and Agapanthus

I am ashamed to admit I have completely forgotten all about my Cumquat tree. I have purchased it this Spring along the Japanese persimmon and planted it in a pot. As you can see, the foliage is not in a perfect healthy condition. This yellow patches are a classical sign of lack of the nutrient. I plan to repot it in Autumn before I get it inside to overwinter.
To my great surprise, the small tree is full of flowers and I am looking forward on seeing the first fruits. Obviously, the high temperatures does not do it any harm.

Another surprise in my garden comes again from a pot plant - Agapanthus. After two non-flowering years, this summer it produced four flower stems.

There is now a really big crowd in the pot and I think I will divide it in Autumn. The division is necessary every three or four years to keep the plant vigorous. 


  1. You Cumquat seems to be thriving on neglect! It must not have suffered much if it flowers so well. You must be pleased.

  2. I am pleased, Alain. I just want the best for this small tree. I have already noticed the tiny fruits!

  3. While on holiday in Cornwall recently I was surprised to see how popular Agapanthus is there. It grows in huge quantities in all the gardens and public parks. It evidently enjoys the salty sea-breezes that are so characteristic of that part of our country!


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