Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Herb Basil

It is one of my favourite herb. This year I bought the young plant with firm, somewhat woody stems and dark green foliage. The veins have a nice violet hue. I really don't know what species it is. It might be the one of the Asian kind.

As it grows, it forms a nice small shrub. The fragrance is pretty much the same as in other basils. Google search says it could be so calle Thai basil, but I am not quite sure. Anyway, it is really lovely addition to my herb garden. 

I grew basil from seed as well. These are the seedling of sweet basil, both green and purple. I mostly use it fresh in various dishes.

PS. The heat persists. Sunday should bring us some rain and much lower temperatures. Who can wait for so long?


  1. In our climate, Basil doesn't grow well outdoors, so I grow mine on a windowsill where it does very well. I use it for making Pesto, and for sprinkling (torn into shreds) on tomato salads. I find the purple Basil to be nowhere near as vigorous as the green one, although it is better from an ornamental point of view.

  2. I have a pot growing outside at the moment but as Mark says it win't be able to stay out in winter.

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