Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer Goes On

I wonder who made it?

Five o'clock in the morning. Pitch dark outside. Not so long ago I used to get up so early and work in the garden before it gets too hot. The temperatures are lower up to 10 degrees thanks to the weather change from the north but, again, not a drop of rain fell down. It seems this doesn't bother my tomatoes. I pick up plenty of them every day.

Some roses varieties are also continuously blooming like 'Polka' above. It is a bushy rose that might be trained as a climber. It has lovely, fragrant peach colored flowers with many petals.

This Clematis was in full bloom about month ago. I don't know really why the flowers were smaller than they used to be. It produced masses of them though, and looked beautiful.

Nothing can be done in the garden before the rain falls. Digging would only ruin the soil and I could not remove the weeds completely. 
There is no rain on the horizon for another week... terrible. 


  1. I think ant lions made your steep sided holes. You wait for the rain to start and we wait for it to stop, and the earth keeps turning.

  2. Could be the antlion larva trap but, for a long time I haven't seen one here.


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