Thursday, 29 August 2013

Kale and co.

During the working week, there is not much time left for working in the garden. I have only a few hours left before dark and it is already dark at eight o'clock. To be honest, I am not in a mood to work in the garden every day.  Like today, I am a bit tired. So, I just took a walk into the garden to check it out. There's lots of weeds to pull out, lawn to mow... 
My kales waked up after the spells of rain.  It is really amazing how little it takes for plants to recover.

I did watering the garden during the dry spells but nothing can replace a good rain shower. Like the last year, I planted three varieties of kale. This vegetable has many good features. It comes late in a season when there nothing's really left in the garden. It is very good for our health. And, it is also very decorative. I love this dark variety called 'Black Tuscany'.

This ruffled leaves with beautiful purple veins belong to the 'Scarlet' variety. It shows more color as the cold days approach and it is supposed to be really all scarlet red.

Don't you love the color of these chilli peppers? I put some in my dish yesterday, they are really hot! 

This cute potato sends you love as I do!

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  1. Your Cavolo Nero is huge! Mine is still only about a quarter of that size. Love the chillis!


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