Sunday, 25 August 2013

Late Summer Crop

Doesn't this photo say Autumn is knocking on the doors? I took it some days ago while walking the outskirt streets of my town. It is time when we pick up plenty of the fruits in the orchards and vegetable gardens. I saw many plum trees with broken branches. The plums are so plenty and the branches broke under the weight of them.

I have plenty of tomatoes. There are all kinds of fruits: big, medium, small, round, oval and egg like too. I haven't made any ketchup or juice, I love to eat them fresh in the season.

I enjoy lower temperatures and the rain that started to fall yesterday. Thanks God! Many people love Summer but I am looking forward to the Autumn days. I got a basket full of apples from my neighbour. They are to be eaten right away so I made an 'apfelstrudel'.

The whole garden came alive after the rain. I see, there is lots of work to do before Winter but, what a difference working in this cooler weather!
I guess, my first job will be cutting down some shrubs, especially Cornus. They became monsters!


  1. Lovely photos of the tomatoes, Vesna!

  2. We also had a very good year for fruit. My Damson plums are not yet ripe but I have to take them in and let them ripen inside otherwise the raccoons would eat them all!
    Your tomatoes are beautiful!


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