Friday, 2 August 2013


I am not doing much in my garden. It is hot during the day and I am not really in the mood to go out and work in this heat. Actually, all I have to do at the moment is watering and mowing the lawn. The beds are still looking good. The dense planting suppresses the weeds so, there is not much weeding to be done. I only tidied up the brick bordering all around the beds.

The daylilies are fading away. They were really beautiful this year because the Spring was rainy. Actually, this moist weather helped all the plants to develop well and form the flowers. Last year was dry and I only prayed for the garden to survive.

The Summer goes on. The temperatures still rise up to 37 - 38°C. This kind of weather should last until mid-August. It is usually the time when the summer heat sizes and the days became cooler. For years back we have long and warm Autumns, almost ideal time to be outdoors.

Well, I think I will wait for week or two before I start tidying up the flower beds. It is better to leave the beds it as they are then cut all off and expose the ground to the sun and heat.

PS. For some time I am not able to leave the comment on the blogs I read. I wonder if you have the same problem?


  1. I haven't a problem leaving comments on any blogs.

    Our day lilies have been beautiful this year but I really couldn't cope with the temperatures you are having

  2. I love your daylilies! Beautiful!

  3. Lovely colour-contrast in that first photo! What is that plant with the dark purple leaves?

    Re Blogger: I don't have a problem with commenting, but I do have a problem with authoring my own posts. I'm having to work in the HTML view, not the Compose one, and the slider bars at the side don't work. Grr!

    1. I am now on the other computer. Let's see if the commenting works...
      This purple plant is Ipomena batata, from the Bindweed family.

  4. Back to my computer, let's if it works now...

    1. It works! I had third part cookies setting blocked and undone it again. I guess that was the reason.


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