Monday, 28 October 2013

Beautiful Days Continue

Walking around my garden today, I found out that some plants produced the second shoots and bloom again! No wonder with the weather like this. We had no frost yet and today is again 26 °C!  The first bloomer is Physostegia or Obedient plant. It is full of bees and bumblebees buzzing around. The second one is Delphinium, not yet fully opened.

I am not so sure weather this weather is good or not. In any case, it is pleasant to work in the garden. I pulled out the Gladioli corms. The old ones served its purpose and may be thrown away. But the new ones form underneath the old ones and they should be cleared from foliage and old corms. Sometimes many small corms form around the big one too. Some remain in the ground and survive the winter. Before I put them into the cellar to overwinter, I need to dry them in the sun.

There is another thing I manage to finish today. I made a warm bed for my Japanese Persimmon and Cherry as well. I made a weed free circle around the trunk, added some organic fertilizer and covered it with a straw. This will keep the soil weedless and serve as a good protection against the cold. I also bought some fleece to cover the top of the Japanese Persimmon. It is still young and needs some protection.

Pitty I have to go to the work in the afternoon. The morning always flies away!


  1. I like persimmons - are they fairly hardy trees?

  2. Delphiniums are my favorite... especially blue.


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