Sunday, 20 October 2013

Gifts of Plenty

The days are simply beautiful here in Croatia. Another warm and sunny Autumn, perfect to prepare the gardens for the Winter and gather the fruits.
Piles of fallen walnut tree leaves are an inevitable picture in this season. Thanks God, these are the last one! Now I can collect what's left in the flower beds and other places where I cannot rake them.
I have plenty of walnuts this year; I think I will sell some too. The price is really good.

I had some friends visiting yesterday afternoon and got a crate full of apples from their orchard. The other just came from the seaside and brought me some dried figs. I love figs both fresh and dried. I always use dry figs in the Christmas cake.

This is the collection of gourds from my garden. The summer was rather dry again and I manage to collect only a few. I love these with wings. I also have pumpkins but I am not sure if they would reach the maturity.  I love pumpkins simply baked in the owen...
And, to conclude the post, there is a riddle for you. Do you you know what kind of fruit this is? And I don't mean the dried figs!

The answer follows in my next post.
Be well and enjoy the Autumn days. I wish they are as beautiful as they are here! 


  1. Hmmm, are the brown fruits fresh dates? Or are they Passionfruits? or....

  2. Are you drying grapes to make your own raisins?

  3. I would guess dates, but I've never seen them undried before! So that really is just a guess haha


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