Monday, 21 October 2013

Guess what it is? Jujube!

My faithful readers and commentators on my posts as well as some new followers whom I wish warm welcome, said it was a date! Well, they guessed the common name but, botanically they were far away from the truth. Ziziphus jujuba, that is the scientific name for the mysterious plant which fruits I first showed you in my last post. This tree is commonly known as jujube, Chinese date, Korean date or Indian date. But, trust me, the fruits are nothing like a true date. What's the taste like? Well, I will only say you like it or not, tastes mealy,  and sourish-sweet! The good thing is that they contain a lot of vitamin C and are actually good for our health.

Jujube is a small tree, reaching up to 10 m. In Croatia, it is only found in the warm areas, along the Adriatic coast. The fruits may be eaten fresh. In China, India and Iran they dry them and consume as a snack with coffee. 

The fruits really look like dates having a single hard seed in the middle. The common Croatian names for this tree are: žižula, cicindra, čičimak or ćićindula. It is used as herb for insomnia, anxiety and stress. 


  1. Not sure I fancy eating one after that description - typical that it is good for you!

  2. I'll give myself half a point then... If they're good for relieving stress and anxiety, I think I should get some!


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