Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Little Thief

Guess who has been stealing my hazelnuts! Every autumn, I use to find plenty of empty husks all over the lawn. But, how can I be angry with this cute creature? I left some walnuts around the garden to help it find food. 
 It is not easy to take the photo of it because it moves quickly and hide in the tree. I took these photographs from my kitchen window and that's why they are not of good quality.
I guess it dwells somewhere in the park, which is just on the other side of my garden fence. 

Saturday, 25 January 2014


It was snowing yesterday! The trees and shrubs looked beautiful all dressed up in white. I tried to take a night photograph of my front garden and this is how it came up. In order to take a good night photograph it is necessary to have a tripod and a cable release, both of which I don't have. Shaky camera gives blurred photographs but I simply put my camera on the window sill and slowly pressed the button. I was surprised with the effect of the background street light which gave the photograph this bright orange glow.

Friday, 17 January 2014

A Walk

The weather is so beautiful - it is a sin staying inside. No, I was not in the garden, it is still to soon to do anything except pruning. I need to prune my Wisteria but I will wait a little bit longer to do it. I only took a few photos of my Snowdrops and moved on.
I usually walk for an hour or more every day. In winter, this is sometimes the only way to exercise. I could spend an hour swimming in our town spa but the pool is filled with rather warm mineral spring water and I hardly stand it. I need fresh air.
On my way, I sow the first willow catkins and took this picture of a hole dug up into ground. I wonder who made it, a hare or a fox?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Faithful Friends

Every year about this time of the year, no matter how cold or warm the weather is, my faithful friends, the snowdrops, appear in the front of my house. This year five of such clumps appeared around New Year's day and now are all in full bloom. People passing in the street stop and watch them. Everyone smiles at the look at them. How nice it is!
Soon, the red flowered hellebore will bloom too. I sow lots of their buds. 
The unusually warm weather continues. But, it is not so good as one might think. The beekeepers have problems with bees flying out of the hives. They are afraid they might loose up to a half of bees population.
The weather conditions also affect the production of the smoked meat such as hams, sausages etc. After being smoked they should dry in the cold air. It is too warm and it might simply rot.
The third problem is a lack of rain and snow. The winter rain- or snowfall is essential to accumulate the water supplies for the summer.
No rain or cold on the horizon for the next ten days...

Friday, 3 January 2014

Cat on the Tree

This morning when I was going out I heard some funny howling sound and noticed two cats on the apple tree on my neighbor's front garden. The scene was really hilarious. The two ginger cats pretty high up on the tree, looking like a fluffy balls bristling and threatening one another. I went back to the house to fetch my camera. When I got out again, one cat went down and I took the photo of the other one still sitting on the tree. Just look at it's face, it does look really angry, doesn't it?

I have no idea if they are the two tomcats fighting or a pair wooing. Anyway, this one on the tree was not pleased at all!

What's the weather like in your country these days? Here in Croatia, it feels more like early Spring. We had no white Christmas at all. It is unusually warm for this period of year with the air temperatures about 13°C. It will continue to be so at least until 10th of January. Is it good or bad, I can't really say. We will certainly pay less for the heating but, the nature is puzzled. Some roses have new shoots, some shrubs have new flowers, and the bulb shoots came out.