Thursday, 9 January 2014

Faithful Friends

Every year about this time of the year, no matter how cold or warm the weather is, my faithful friends, the snowdrops, appear in the front of my house. This year five of such clumps appeared around New Year's day and now are all in full bloom. People passing in the street stop and watch them. Everyone smiles at the look at them. How nice it is!
Soon, the red flowered hellebore will bloom too. I sow lots of their buds. 
The unusually warm weather continues. But, it is not so good as one might think. The beekeepers have problems with bees flying out of the hives. They are afraid they might loose up to a half of bees population.
The weather conditions also affect the production of the smoked meat such as hams, sausages etc. After being smoked they should dry in the cold air. It is too warm and it might simply rot.
The third problem is a lack of rain and snow. The winter rain- or snowfall is essential to accumulate the water supplies for the summer.
No rain or cold on the horizon for the next ten days...


  1. Snowdrops already - how wonderful

  2. Well, we in the UK can help you with one of those weather problems: we have a surplus of rain at present and would be happy to export some to Croatia! Please may we have some of your smoked sausages in return? :)

    1. Mark, I would be happy to send you some sausages if I had any. Sorry.


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