Friday, 17 January 2014

A Walk

The weather is so beautiful - it is a sin staying inside. No, I was not in the garden, it is still to soon to do anything except pruning. I need to prune my Wisteria but I will wait a little bit longer to do it. I only took a few photos of my Snowdrops and moved on.
I usually walk for an hour or more every day. In winter, this is sometimes the only way to exercise. I could spend an hour swimming in our town spa but the pool is filled with rather warm mineral spring water and I hardly stand it. I need fresh air.
On my way, I sow the first willow catkins and took this picture of a hole dug up into ground. I wonder who made it, a hare or a fox?


  1. Round here the hedgerows are full of Hazel catkins now. I haven't seen any Willow ones yet though.

  2. We have catkins on our hazel bushes but no snowdrops yet!


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