Saturday, 8 February 2014

Bye, Bye, Winter?

This is how Gorski kotar, a mountain region in Croatia, looked like only a few days ago. Everything was coated in heavy thick ice. And our so called civilisation failed in all of its aspects; there was no electricity, transport impossible, schools closed. Many people could not go to work, visit the doctor or buy the daily groceries.
The enormous damage is made on deciduous trees which cracked under the weight of ice. Interesting, almost all conifers suffered no damage at all. 

Where I live, we are doing remarkably well so far at missing the bad weather that made so much damage on certain places in Croatia and all over the world as well. It was not very cold, we had not much snow, no icy rain. I mustn't be angry with the moles that made numerous earth humps on my lawn. That is, in compare to the other people misfortune, the least I should complain about!
Normally, February is the coldest month of the year here but, according to the long-termed weather forecasts we can say 'bye,bye winter'. But, I wan't be doing any indoor sowing or planting yet. It may be warm enough, but it is still little light for seedlings to grow strong and firm. Besides, it would be too early to plant them out in March. The weather here is very tricky. I'll better be waiting for the risk frosts to pass.


  1. We have no snow or ice. we just have rain, rain and more rain. Parts of the UK have had more rainfall this Winter than at any time since records bagan, in the 18th Century! Not much gardening is taking place, I can tell you.

  2. I saw the floods in England on TV. The weather this year is really extreme all over the world. We measure the warmest winter ever.


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