Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Heralds of Spring

One day sunny,  the other day rain... never mind. I managed to take some photographs in my garden yesterday. Snowdrops and Crocuses appeared in other parts of the garden. It is certainly earlier than they use to - everything looks like spring coming.

I harvested the last of the kale. This beauty on the picture is called 'Scarlet'. Now is the colour more intense than ever. I have also the curly green kale named 'Rossignol' and, of course, 'Black Tuscany' alias cavolo nero. They would make a nice vegetable stew. 
The soil is too wet to do any extensive work in the garden but, I am thinking of sowing the peas. I saw the row of pea seedlings in one of the gardens! Actually, the weather is pretty good for peas, they love lower temperatures and germinate on 4 - 6°C. 


  1. Well that "Scarlet" kale is very dark - more "nero" than Cavolo Nero, I think!

  2. Signs of spring -- how lovely! Your posting warmed me with a snow blizzard raging outside my house. P. x


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