Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sowing the Peas

Thanks to several days without rain, I manage to work in my vegetable garden today. Actually, I sowed the peas. I had to dig up the last year's parsley first. As you can see it on the picture it is beautifully green due to the mild winter. The soil was not so wet and I only needed to loosen it with a garden fork. Every year I see the improvement of the soil in my vegetable garden. Long time ago I decided not to dig it any more. 
And it works! It is certainly low maintenance garden. It is also a natural way to create a rich, organic environment for the plants. I forked in a plenty of compost and spread some pellets of organic fertilizers.
When the peas germinate, I'll cover the soil with a layer of straw. In nature, the soil is always covered with the vegetation from the last season which slowly decoys and nurtures the soil. So, mulching seems a very reasonable thing to do. 
The best of all is almost weed-free bed!

Yesterday evening I cut out some hazel branches to make these marking sticks. I have seen them somewhere on the Internet - what a great idea! They are really easy to make. The one of them is already marking the pea bed.


  1. Those home-made plant-labels look really nice! So "rustic", and old-fashioned in a good way. I like the way you do so many things in a natural style.

    1. I was delighted with this simple idea at once. I really make lots of effort to preserve the nature and use environment-friendly materials.

  2. I agree with Mark that the natural plant labels are a good idea

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