Saturday, 1 March 2014

Clematis montana 'Fragrant Spring'

To my great surprise, my Clematis in pot started to flower. I bought it last year on the flower show in May but, somehow I did not plant it the garden. The whole winter the pot was standing in the corner of my kitchen. I only wanted it to survive until the spring and plant it when it gets warm outside. As the tag says, it is supposed to be Clematis montana 'Fragrant Spring'. I say 'suppose' because that cultivar has pink flowers and this one has the white.

Browsing the net, I found the pink ones, the white ones and pale pink ones as well, all under the same name. Anyway, I love this white one of mine. This group of woodland clematises is not so popular among gardeners as it is not hardy enough and reaches the size that might be a problem where lack of space. But I do have a terrace with iron fence and a supports that go up to the balcony and makes a kind of lattice-work above the terrace. The rose 'Bobby James' has already reached the balcony and covered the top of the frame. I will plant this clematis near the rose and leave it to overgrow the fence underneath. 

The montana clematises grow fast and need some pruning right after flowering. to avoid having flowers only on the top branches. It is not suitable for the zones 6 - 9, and my garden is the hardiness zone 7; I am willing to experiment.
Let's see. If the winters are going to be so mild like this one, my clematis has every chance to survive.


  1. Does it smell of almond like the pink ones?

  2. There was a Clematis Montana in the garden when I bought my current property, but it was huge and very straggly (it had had no maintenance at all), so I removed it about 15 years ago. BUT...I still find little clematis plants plants popping up from long-lost seeds!

    1. They need pruning to keep them look nice, othervise they tend to flower only on upper branches. When in bloom they realy look spectacular.


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