Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Being Busy

I am dead tired but pleased with the work done. I have been weeding and clearing the flower beds for three days now. I also managed to make this old brick pavement in the front of the cellar window yesterday. Being in the shade, this area is always wet. Nothing will grow there except moss and weeds. Small area on the right side is planted with ferns and sages; they feel like home in conditions given.

I have planted primroses in the vase standing in the front garden. There is lots of primroses and hyacinths on the market, prices being really low. Primroses cost 5 kuna which is about 1 dollar. To add some interest and hight I made this 'cage' of red dog wood branches. This is the base for the Easter décor I already have on my mind.

Wood anemones have been flowering for some time now. They made nice carpets under the bushes and are the only white flowers in the garden at the moment. 
I could not do much weeding today because of the rain but, I cleaned my small garden shed instead. As ever, over the winter it serves as the storage for all the things possible: garden tools, chairs, table, watering cans, wellies, bags of walnuts, fertilizers, terracotta birdbath, lantern, you name it! At least I could open the doors to get in! How on earth I manage to pack it up with all the stuff every year?
And everything has its place.


  1. You will be able to put some plants in pots or containers on that brick pavement now. How about a fern?

  2. A fern is already planted in the right corner. It's a small pavement and I need a clean access to my cellar window.

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