Monday, 31 March 2014

Work, Work, Work

My mum helps me in the garden...

This is how the garden looks like in early Spring. I have been digging and clearing the flower beds for days. This very first cleaning is the most important. I always try to dig out as many perennial weeds as possible and my work goes on slowly. Further on, I only have to maintain  the garden regularly with less effort.
The main problem are the weeds that spread by means of creeping rhizomes such as ground elder and couch grass. They are very annoying and hard to eradicate. I need to work with the garden fork in order not to cut the rhizomes - the tiniest of the cuts will produce a new plant! And, they grow pretty rapidly!

There are some gaps between plants which means there also a place for some new plants. I have neighbour's cats in the garden and fight the battle against them, the battle I never win. I do love animals but, cats urinate all over my garden and ruin my plants. I really have lots of understanding but I have had it now. I don't know what to do.

Sometimes the cats sleep in the rock garden too - it is probably cosy there as the stones warm up in the sun.  I had some early dwarf tulips as well as various creeping and cushion-like plants in the rock garden and they are no more.

The pink pasque flower is there but there was the white one beside it too. Aubrieta is still alive as well as various sedums and one big peony bush. Well, plant hunt and shopping is in order. Some plants in the garden need to be divides so, I am going to fill the gaps with them as well.


  1. I noticed our aubretia just starting to come out too.

  2. Looking good! I understand the battle with cats. I have two and they are painful in my garden but of course they have the right to be anywhere they wish :)

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