Tuesday, 25 March 2014


The post about Ophiopogon on Mark's blog, reminded me how interesting this plant actually is. I have it in the garden for many years and it did not spread so much. It grows slowly but densely covers the ground. I was rather surprised by the look of it! It seems that this mild winter did the plants good. The foliage colour is beautiful, don't you think so? But, I noticed also these little fellows - the tiny fruits equally so beautiful. They too have the same colour as the plant itself, deep dark violet. 

Actually, the colour seems almost back with this bluish shine. The tiny flowers are yet to come, but this plant is interesting mostly because this beautiful colour of foliage. 
This 'cousin' of  'Lily of the Valley' (both of them belong to the same family Covallariaceae) tolerates shade, and love moist, slightly acid, well-drained, humus-rich soil. That is the reason the moss grows there as well!


  1. I hope mine gets to be as good as your one! I do actually want it to spread. My soil is well-drained, but quite sandy, so i don't know if the Ophiopogon will like it.

    1. Just dig in compost, humus and garden soil to improve it and it will do well. It will spread eventually, but grows slowly, so don't expect to have a carpet of it in a year time.

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