Monday, 10 March 2014

Sowing the Seeds

The cold and windy weather did not prevent me of sowing some of the flower seeds. According to the biodynamic calendar  (please, follow the link if you are interested in it, this one is valid for UK, Europe) the days from 5th to 19th March are the most favourable for sowing or planting.  I use the printed version of the calendar from 'My Beautiful Garden' magazine. Try to find the one valid to the region where you live.
As suggested in the calendar, today is the good day to sow the flowers, which I did. I sowed cup and saucer, some poppies, sunflower, evening primrose and creeping soap-wort.

I sowed the larger seeds in module trays and the small seed into ordinary trays. I made this soil mixture: 2 parts loam, 1 part sand, 1 part peat, all sifted through 9 mm sieve. I added some fertilizer (Osmocote, slow releasing) too. 

Being true to my myself ('recycle as much as you can'), I reused the plastic trays in which the fresh meat is packed in supermarkets.
As usually, one is used as the sowing tray and another as the cover. To me, they make a perfect little greenhouses. Of course, after watering, labelling it is really important because there is no way you would remember which is which, especially if you are going to sow some more seed as I will. And, I will sow not only some more flowers but the vegetable too. 

The trays go inside to the warmer temperature as soon as they drain.


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