Sunday, 16 March 2014

Warming up

These are the days when I go out wearing layers of long and short sleeves in the morning. By noon, the layers slowly come off leaving me in just a T-shirt. On some days the temperature difference between frosty morning and a warm mid day was more than 18 degrees. But, everything is warming up - the air temperature, the soil and I, spending every day more and more time in the garden. 
I noticed this lovely purple Hyacinth in the garden today. The bulb I planted two years ago did not bloom until now. It was a forced bulb, and they are said to be worn out and hard to bloom again. I was sorry to throw it away and planted it in the garden. It seems it took it two years to regain the strength and to flower again.

Some weeks ago the wind turned over the plant in a terracotta pot and it broke. I am sentimentally attached to these old weathered pots. I mean, I could buy new pots but they have no history behind. Know what I mean? I have made this mini succulent garden today by using the remains of the broken pot. My mission - trash to treasure, giving a new life to old, thrown away things.


  1. Such a vibrant purple in the Hyacinth! Glad it decided to bloom.

  2. That's a lovely colour well worth saving.

  3. Nothing beats Spring Vesna. I know how you can get attached to stuff, just see how good your broken down pot photographed.

  4. Yes, we are all waiting for Spring to come and to see again all these beautiful plants that come and go within a few weeks.

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