Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wisteria Day

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon pruning Wisteria. I would have done it before but, the days were rainy and the ground slippery. It wasn't quite smart to climb up the roofs and pergolas in such weather conditions. Namely, I had to go to my mum's friend garden and prune her Wisteria as well. They two think I am still young enough to climb the ladder. I certainly didn't have to climb to prune my Wisteria, I can reach it from the terrace and balcony with the telescopic lopper. I pruned it back to the two buds. 

Seed raised Wisteria can take up to 20 years to set flowers. It is recommendable to buy the one that has been grown from cuttings. Older specimen flower well when given the right cut and favorable growing condition. Funny thing happened when I sent plenty of pods to my friend and she put it on the top bookshelf in the sitting room (where the air is the warmest) in order to dry and open. She has forgotten all about it and one day while watching TV she jumped from the armchair with fright. The pods cracked open and it sounded as if someone had fired the gun! She is a nursery manager and sowed all the seeds in a glasshouse on work. She also told me that the young Wisterias she had grown from that seed have already flowered the next year! So, I will have a go with sowing the seeds as well.

The seeds are pretty tough and need to be slightly scratched and soaked in warm water for 24 hours before sowing. Well, I did not wait for the pods to open naturally, I used a hammer!


  1. Those are nice vibrant photos. Your blog header is really striking. I must have missed the change.

  2. It certainly has a eerie beauty about it when it's pruned x

  3. Thanks. I love to make headers and change them from time to time.


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