Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Between Two Rainshowers

I know, I know, not a pretty sight. These brown-orange slugs eat my plants! The weather is ideal for them. It's been raining almost all the time. I cannot believe it how much rain fell down in past 24 hours. 
I managed to collect slugs in the morning when the rain stopped falling for half an hour! 
I miss working in the garden but what can I do? The weather forecast is bothering me - more rain until next Tuesday, and only 7°C on Sunday?!

The bold and beautiful Hosta 'Sum and Substance'

The slugs ate completely my parsley so, I sowed some more today (in the rain!). I have collected lots of them all over the garden. Strangely enough, they did not even touch any of Hostas and they are supposed to be their favourites. I avoid using chemicals in the garden but now I really need to buy some slug control granules. I hope I am going to find some organic ones.

I don't know why Wisteria flowers so little but what you see on the photo is pretty much all of it.
My God, if you could see how dark it is now and it thunders again!
At least no tornadoes as in America. Poor people, I mustn't complain.


  1. We are having similar weather here in Southern England. Friday night is looking bad - temperatures just above freezing are forecast. Once you had collected the slugs, did you kill them, and if so, how?


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