Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bird House?

Checking out the two birdhouses I attached to the garden shed, I noticed that the entrance of one of them is sealed by mud. I guess it is mud, it could be this papery material that wasps and some bees make. I did not want to touch it in order not to ruin the hard work. Standing on the chair and taking the photo I managed to catch the bee sealing the opening. In the other bird house (or should I call it a bee house?) I noticed the honeycomb. 

In the insect hotel I made some years ago many of the tubes are also sealed. The solitary bees are as much important as the honey bees doing the important job of pollination and I am glad they like the homes I made for them. Ever since my childhood I've been fascinated by nature. No matter how many times I sow all the beauties of nature, it never sized to amaze me.
I have always collected the various items, like pebbles, shells, insects, even live animals. My mum told me that I, when I was a child, brought her the lizard, and a handful of lady birds!

These are some of my findings - honeycombs and these odd mud buildings. You can see the cells with chrysalis remains. 


  1. My sister has had wasps in her bird house in the past

  2. You will have to take down the "To Rent" sign from that bird apartment! If a bird tried to move in, the bees might give it a nasty surprise.

  3. What a good idea! I had quite a laugh with this suggestion of yours. I might do it for fun!

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