Sunday, 13 April 2014

Frosty Morning

Yes, you see right. The roof of my garden shed is white with frost. These so called 'late frosts' are not so uncommon in continental climate. It was only 2°C early in the morning!
As soon as the sun came out the frost was gone and made no damage on the plants.

The tree peony started to bloom. The other early herbaceous peonies have lots of buds. Three years ago I have planted Paeonia tenuifolia, the fern leaf peony, in the rock garden and ever since have been waiting for the very first flowers to appear. It seem this will happen this year at last! I only hope the cats won't ruin it because they love to walk and sleep in the rock garden!

At the moment the pink and the white form of Saxifraga arendsii is flowering in the rock garden. They make cushions of mossy leaves and produce many flowers in early Spring.


  1. Despite your frost - your saxifrages are ahead of mine - mine are in bud.

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