Saturday, 26 April 2014

Pruning Forsythias

Some days ago I pruned harshly the two of my Forsythias. As it has been raining almost every day, at the moment pruning is the only job that could be done in the garden.
Normally, Forsythia needs to be pruned right after flowering in spring to keep it in shape and initiate a new growth. Forsythia set flowers on the previous year shoots. These two that grow in a mixed border facing south were a bit neglected. I did not prune them last year and they became too big. They developed a very thick top crown with lots of weirdly entangled branches. The tops were so heavy with new growth that they fell over the flower bed in front of them. They look rather apocalyptic now and make a gap in the bush background. But, soon the growth will cover that ugly looking bare wood and the gap would be filled with green again. I love them because they are among the first flowering bushes in Spring though, I would like to have less occupation with them.

Cornus alba blooming

On the other hand, my favourite bush in the garden is Cornus alba 'Sibirica'. I have several bushes of Cornus in the mixed border. In winter, the most beautiful are their red coloured stems. It needs pruning as well but They have a neat habitus even if I have no time to do it. I only cut them back to 1.5 m height every second year.


  1. I love forsythia, too, Vesna, for the same reason. I have a very wild one growing in a place I don't cultivate, so I don't need to prune it. I like this informative posting. P. x

    1. Thank you, Pam. Always nice to see you here.


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