Friday, 4 April 2014

Compost, lizard and me

Sieving the compost seemed less effort than digging and weeding and I did it yesterday. I made this 'sieve' of a wooden frame and wire mash to fit the wheelbarrow so, the compost falls directly in. This compost heap is about four years old and consisted mostly of mixture of wood, leaves and green material, wood being the hardest to decompose. Eventually, it did. The volume sized down to one third.

The compost is excellent, earthy smell, dark, crumbling... as it supposed to look like. I sieved 10 full wheelbarrow of compost from this heap. Not bad. I spread all the compost in the vegetable garden. I had enough material to build the new heap. The rain is announced for tomorrow, I hope we would have at least one good shower to water the garden and my new compost heap.

This legless lizards (Ophisaurus apodus, the Europian Glass lizzard), are the constant dwellers in my garden and in the compost heap - it's warm place to live! I had to caught one to make this close-up. This one was not very big though they could reach 1 meter in length and people so unrighteously have fear of them and used to kill them! They feed primarily on snail, slugs, arthropods and small mammals. 
In case you can't tell between the snake and the lizard, lizards have external ear openings and movable eyelids.

To finish the work for the day, I sowed the parsley and spring onion and made the construction for runner beans.


  1. Great looking compost but that lizard would scare the hell out of me!

  2. I guess so! My mum feels the same as she can't stand to see a snake!


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