Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Solomon's Seal

The weather these days has been as it supposed to be in April, very changeable. The periods of rain and sun exchange several times a day.
Though, it was a little bit more rain than sun and I simply couldn't mow the lawn for quite some time. I did it today as sun as the sky cleared. The grass was pretty high and wet so, it was really exhausting job. But, I am glad I did it because the clouds are coming from the west again. 

The weather conditions were good for seed germination as well as plant growth. It seems to me that all the plants gain at least 10 cm in height in only two weeks. At the moment, the most attractive plant that grows under the hazel bush in my garden is Solomon's seal, Polygonatum multiflorum. It is native to Croatia and grows in woods. 
This species reaches about 90 cm in height and has several tubular flowers in axils of the leaves.

It is quite undemanding plant, easy to grow and to take care of. It prefers moist soil, and tolerates shade. Actually, I do nothing at all with it. When the hazelnut leaves cover the ground in autumn, I just let them be. I don't rake that area because I grow there all woodland plants such as Periwinkle, wild garlic, wood sage and ferns. By spring, the leaves are half rotten and serve as mulch. The new plant growth hides the soil in spring and earthworms and other soil creatures finish the job with the leaves by autumn. It is the perfect natural cycle and it works.

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  1. Your Solomon's Seal is very lovely. Mine are just now coming through the ground as we have had a cool spring. Looking forward to seeing those sweet blooms.


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