Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Fence - Natural Way

Yesterday afternoon a friend of mine and I have spent cutting hazel shoots that I needed to make the natural fence. It will also serve as a support for the cucumbers or gourds and make a screen when they overgrow it. As you can see on the first photograph, the neighbouring plot looks abandoned which is not quite the truth. My neighbours live elsewhere and use to come here a few times a year which is, of course, not often enough to keep the plot tidy. That is one thing. The other is that there is no fence between our two plots. In Croatia, the neighbour to your right side is supposed to make a fence. I say 'supposed to' because I see no way how to make them do it. And so it is for almost twenty years!

Can you imagine something like that in your country? The independence war in Croatia ended in 1995.  The whole town was one big ruin, a disaster place. We came back home and repaired the houses and made the new gardens. But people who did not return to their homes just didn't have to do anything about it! There are still many ruined houses and overgrown yards around the town. I simply don't understand how the government cannot do something about it and find a way to solve this problem. I need to go to my neighbour's plot and clear the weeds and brambles between us or, otherwise, they will come to my garden!

This situation to be more absurd, I might be accused for trespassing! In my opinion, my neighbours, no matter where they live, should be obligated to do something with their property - keep it tidy, for one thing.
Anyway, I decided to make some kind of fence, meter by meter, depending on how much material I can gather. I hope my neighbour won't mind it.
This hazel fence is easy to make and it is also inexpensive - in case I need to remove it. Providing all material needed, it took me two hours to make about two meters long fence.


  1. An interesting situation! I feel sorry for you. This is not something we here have had to contend with for a very long time. It seems such a waste to leave houses and gardens empty like that.

  2. We have problems with plots on the allotment being left messy and in the past have had to strim the grass back from neighbouring plots. Also some people do leave their gardens in a bad state.


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