Sunday, 18 May 2014

After the Rain

Macleaya and rain drops.

I really do hope that the morning shower was the last one in this long period of rainy days. The sky is much brighter now though, the sun is still behind the clouds. I sow many fire-brigade vehicles preparing to help people pump out the water from their houses. I went to the garden to check out the flowers and vegetables. Except the ground is terribly wet, the plants seem to do well. 

Heucheras 'Caramel' and 'Palace Purple'

Heucheras look pretty well, one of them is already developing the flower stems. I love them for the front of the border; the foliage has such a wonderful shape and colour.

Peas, in spite of the unfavourable weather, are flowering very well. 

Mangold and Swiss Chard need thinning. 

This small Fuchsia that I bought on the flower show last Sunday has found its place in a pot on the terrace. The flowers are small but numerous. There are still lots of buds to open and I expect it to flower for at least two weeks.
Many plants in the garden is just about to flower. The following week should be sunny and rather warm so a burst of flowers is to expect. I cannot wait.

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