Friday, 23 May 2014


This year, I planted herbs in the pots and put them in the wire baskets on the terrace fence. I have purple and common basil, lavender, sage, rosemary and everlast. The last one, Helichrysum arenarium or everlast is wide spread along the Croatian coast, especially Dalmatia. It dries very well preserving the yellow colour of flower and silver of stems so, I suppose, hence the English common name. It is considered to cure gall bladder disorders, and have antibacterial and diuretic properties. I love it for its beautiful aromatic volatile oil that spreads the odour every time you touch the plant.

The sage, lavender and ever-last.

But, so are the all plants I put on the terrace along with the lemon tree. At the moment, the lemon is in a full bloom and spreads the wonderful smell. This is a little piece of Mediterranean on my terrace. 
The terrace is facings south-west and makes a perfect place to grow all these plants.

 I used a snail shell and some birch twigs to make this decorative plant marker.

The sage in the garden set the flowers.


  1. I started my "real" gardening by growing herbs, before I had space or time to grow veg. I had over 50 varieties. These days I grow mostly the culinary ones.

    1. I know well your herb collection and am really impressed with it.

  2. Vesna, my son in law who virtually has no interest in creating a garden is yet somehow fascinated with growing Herbs. Well, lets face it, they are useful, and they look good.


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