Friday, 30 May 2014

Mousie and I

Well, my 'Mousie' felt no panic at all. 

I was quite surprised when I sow a little mouse in the grass this afternoon. 'Mousie' was not afraid of me at all! I could easily touch its ears - the mouse stood still and quite calm. I'd say it's a wood (field) mouse. The house mouse is more grey in colour. I wonder why it was so calm. I noticed no injuries nor it seemed ill.
I took it away from the open space to prevent the cats to catch it.

The lemon tree is full of flower buds.

I worked in the garden yesterday afternoon or at least I was trying to! The rain and sun exchanged regularly and I had to take shelter from rain several times! I started to prune the shrubs because the soil was too wet to work it. Did not finished the pruning because of the rain, of course. Today I ended the job and  finished mowing the lawn in a last minute. All of the sudden the wind started to blow and dark clouds covered the sky. The rain-shower was so strong that the water flooded the road canals within minutes. Eventually, the rain turned into pea-sized hail that lasted only for a minute or so and did not do any damage. Thanks God!
The whole storm came and go in just ten minutes and the sun came out again.
But, as I am writing this, I hear thunder in the distance...

The Lamb's Ear keeps rather well considering the rain.


  1. Replies
    1. I wonder why it was so fearless.

    2. All I could think of was it is either very young and not learned to fear humans or it has an illness.

  2. I like rodents, they're friendly creatures :)

  3. Glad you had time to get some pics of the little fellow!


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