Friday, 9 May 2014

Planting Vegetable Seedlings

It was raining yesterday overnight but the most of the day was sunny and warm. I finished planting kohlrabi, tomato, celery, Brussels sprout and chilli seedlings before it started to rain again. To my great surprise, the soil was pretty workable. Maybe because of the wind, it always dries the soil rather quickly.


purple kohlrabi

This is my enormously big sage bush. It seems that I got it right, the best place for it. After flowering, I have to give it a good cut back because it covered the paths and it is hard to walk around.
This little fellow is nibbling the leaves of Japanese persimmon. Still haven't not found out what it is. I'd say it's a caterpillar of some butterfly or moth but can't tell the species. Maybe you can help me. about it.

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