Friday, 16 May 2014

The Flood

Just to illustrate how much rain has fallen in last 48 hours... and it is still raining. The night was pretty dramatic because this normally shallow river turned into a monster. This is what it looked like yesterday afternoon.

In summer, the river is no more than a few feet deep and now it broke through the banks and flooded most of the ground on the left side and some on the left side too. As the night was approaching the water level raised. I called my friends at 11 p.m. when the fire brigade was alarmed and the commotion started.  I knew immediately what was going on. My friends, like me, live on the right side of the river. But, they're only 50 m away from it. They said they are surrounded by water but the house was still safe. On the left side of the river the rescuers have to use boats to come to the houses and check the situation.

This is the old wooden bridge leading towards the vineyards. There was a lot of driftwood underneath pushing it. I heard in the morning that the bridge is half-broken. Now all looks a bit better because the water level dropped by one meter.
My garden is flooded too, the ground is soaked. There is a pool on the lawn. Thanks God, the night passed without strong wind which made quite a damage in other parts of Croatia. The floods in neighbouring Bosnia and Serbia are terrible. 
This is what I have photographed in the morning.

The left side of the river is still under water.

The rain should stop on Sunday. Two more rainy days to go. And who says it is not a climate change? Last year was just the same - mild winter and then cold and rainy spring, especially May which used to be one of the most beautiful months in the year.


  1. Oh Goodness, that looks very frightening. I hope you are OK. It is undeniable that our weather patterns today are very different to what they were a generation ago. We definitely get more extremes than we used to.

    1. I am fine, thank you. I agree with you about the weather.

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